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Pigment Lightening/Removal
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Emergency Tattoo Removal


Permanent Makeup and Microblading can usually be effectively done within 48 hours of your botched procedure. The sooner you contact me, the more effective treatment can be. Additional procedures may be necessary depending on the level of saturation, pigments used and the depth that the technician applied. Please contact me by call/text to schedule Emergency Removal. (818)572-9162

Pigment Lightening / Removal 


Also known as saline pigment "removal," which does not use a laser. Botched Ink® saline cosmetic tattoo removal solution is implanted into the skin using a tattoo machine, which draws out pigment. 


If you have undesired cosmetic tattoos, this service is for you. Undesirable pigment could be due to dissatisfaction with the permanent makeup received, the way the pigment aged/faded over time, or you may simply have too much pigment implanted into the skin to produce a desirable outcome with additional cosmetic tattooing. In other words, the skin can only hold so much pigment and sometimes the older pigment must be lifted/lightened before you can have more work done. 


This procedure can be used as an "emergency removal" for cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows, lip line, or scalp within 48 hrs of the initial procedure (as long as a hard scab has not formed). It can also be used on older cosmetic tattooing but may take several sessions (3+). 

Utilizing the needle machine, a saline solution is implanted into the area where color is undesired. The saline will work to break up the pigment underneath the skin, purging it through the surface over a period of several weeks.

Each removal session requires 6-8 weeks of healing before a subsequent session is performed. Skin must be healed before color can be dissolved again. How many removal sessions required depends on the size and age of the tattoo, color density, and your skin’s regeneration speed. 


If removal is the desired outcome, please expect a minimum of three sessions. There are a number of factors that determine how a pigment will lift, which makes it difficult to make an accurate estimate of how many sessions it will take. Packages of 3-4 sessions are available.


Prospective clients should send in a good picture of the work you want to be removed for a preliminary consultation before booking an appointment. 

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