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PureSculpt Ice & Wood Therapy
​for Body and Face

Woodculpt is an effortless and efficient way of contouring the body/face without harming the skin or tissue.  Each wooden instrument has a specific use for a particular area of the body.  Woodsculpt helps diminish cellulite while toning the body/face. Woodsculpt is very effective in activating the lymphatic system and smoothing out unwanted bulges.   

Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries originating in oriental countries.  Wood therapy has evolved from using rough wood tools for more therapeutic purposes to smooth wood tools used for aesthetics.  In the 90s the country of Colombia perfected the tools to a smoother finish and developed a unique technique for many kinds of therapies. The trendiest therapy is the wood therapy for aesthetic's. This new technique contours the body with wood tools to improve the body’s appearance and aiding overall health.


  • 100% natural, non-invasive 

  • free of contraindications

  • activates lymphatic system

  • eliminates toxins

  • speeds up metabolism

  • breaks down cellulite

  • tones

  • tightens 

  • reduces sizes


WoodSculpt has a firming effect on the skin, as it activates the production of elastin/collagen, toning, sculpting an improving blood circulation. Each WoodSculpt instrument has a specific use for a particular area of the body. WoodSculpt activates the lymphatic system and uses aids in smoothing out unwanted bulges.

Our unique protocol will aid in the accumulation of stored volume, cellulite reduction, contoured waistline and lift the buttocks. Our unique technique uses each instrument without harming the skin or tissue. Clients say the changes are visible as of the first visit.











PureSculpt is a revolutionary organic way of sculpting, toning and slimming the body. This unique treatment activates a natural process in the body, by metabolizing fat and converting it into energy, called Thermogenesis. The frozen product encourages the body's natural process of cold-induced thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise body temperature back to its normal state. Toxins are then expelled naturally from the body.

PureSculpt Body Ice is Organic in all aspects from the ingredients, application and recovery. Many say they see results after just the first treatment. Best of all, this treatment is 100% organic, non-invasive and there is no downtime.

*Please Note:  After your treatment, some bruising may occur.

We suggest sculpting 4-5 days prior to a special event in case mild bruising does occur

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