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MB Aesthetics is thrilled to add Lip Blush to our lineup of services. 
Lip Blush brings back your youthful blushing tint and enhances your natural lip contour

**Your 6-8 wk perfecting appointment will be scheduled at the studio.**

Final results require at least 2 sessions to get the desired result, initial, and touchup. However, some might need a 3rd session due to their pigment and skin resistance.
All touch-up treatments are only one session.

Lip Blush

Lip Refresher +

Annual Color Boost

Lip Blush is the most natural technique in cosmetic lip tattooing. It creates a youthful blush of color to define the shape and make lips look naturally plump and flushed!

Offered ONLY to returning clients who missed the 6-8 wk mark of their perfecting appt. 

or within 3-6 months of initial appt

One session only.

Offered ONLY to returning clients.  Must be within 12-18 months of initial appointment.

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